low_down – the report.

the report focuses on the world of modern furniture, related products, designers & methods. It stays up to date on trends and developments and compiles them into opinionated reports.

low_down highlights what we consider the trends, it is opinionated and features the occasional interview and special report. while based on extensive research, it does not intend to be an all inclusive report. there is no advertising and no sponsor attached. this independence allows for an unbiased publication.

low_down is not for everyone. it is meant for executives, designers, manufacturers, retailers, press, educators and others working within design and related fields, who realize that our trained eyes and opinions will save them valuable time, and provide them with a different viewpoint.

Our Milan 2022 report will be available end of June.

made to order.

if you need for us to dig deeper or expand on a specific subject, you can hire us to create custom reports. in essence, this is where the idea behind low_down came from. we were looking for readily available research, could not find anything appropriate and hired a research firm to pull information for us. while they did a reasonably good job, the resulting report was still underwhelming.

we decided to build our own intelligence network to provide this service. we are publishing periodic reports and conduct custom research on request. because we are engaged in daily research in the field, we are confident that we can create great, made-to-order reports for your needs.

quotes for custom research are available by request. when submitting your inquiry, please provide an outline of what you are looking for, time-frame and provide us with contact information so we can get in touch with you to discuss details.

about us.

low_down is prepared by a research
team that constantly scours the design world for information, it is a service by studio mousetrap and utilizes our worldwide network of collaborators.


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modern design and furniture research reports

the design world has become more global than ever. you could spend the entire day looking through blogs and other published information to find the latest in design. the challenge is to stay on top of developments, recognize trends and weed out the bad and mediocre from the good. all of this in addition to your already full schedule. welcome to low_down.


low_down is a division of studiomousetrap, llc.